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 kernelgen-v0.2-current-state-presented-at-the-pct-2012-conf- Nicolas Lihogrud made a short presentation of the KernelGen v0.2 current state and development plans at the PCT conference in Novosibirk. Additionally we made a similar larger presentation at the local Roshydromet branch. For short summary, the current version is capable of generating CUDA kernels for simple test cases, and their efficiency is similar to those generated by PGI. KernelGen now behaves as a gcc compiler, supporting the same compile & link options. With this version we were able to compile major NWP models, but have not performed their testing in runtime yet. The presentation slides are available in Russian (*checkout*/doc/pavt_2012/pavt_2012_slides_sibnigmi.pdf?revision=776&root=kernelgen) and in English (*checkout*/doc/pavt_2012/pavt_2012_slides_sibnigmi_en.pdf?root=kernelgen). 0 0 1970-01-01 00:00 No Moderation
 kernelgen-v0.2_nvptx-presented-at-ncar-multi-core-workshop- Last September KernelGen has been invited to give a short talk on "2012 Programming weather, climate, and earth-system models on heterogeneous multi-core platforms" workshop at NCAR, Boulder CO. Presented version features NVPTX backend support, new linker, Kepler support and a lot of other improvements. Slides are publicly available from the workshop agenda page: A copy is stored in our repository:*checkout*/doc/ncar_2012/kernelgen_ncar_2012.pdf?root=kernelgen 0 0 1970-01-01 00:00 No Moderation
 kernelgen-on-gpu-technology-conference--gtc--2013 Slides from talk: 0 0 1970-01-01 00:00 No Moderation