File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.9.9

Release Notes

- Fix locking/thread issues
- Add support for NetCDF
- Fix time handling issues
- Use new template format:

Change Log

John Biddiscombe (15):
  2012-09-14 Fix problem with multiple notifications arriving at once
  2012-09-12 Add an hdf5 include for H5_ACC_ flags
  2012-08-28 Update submodule ref for XdmfGenerator
  2012-08-28 Adding netCDF template (independent of Xdmf generator)
  2012-08-28 Update XdmfGenerator ref to include XML improvements
  2012-08-28 Improve Time handling from simulation into animation view
  2012-08-24 Improve time handling, remove sources from timekeeper and manage ti
  2012-08-24 Add StepName to reader to allow different hdf5 group names for part
  2012-08-15 Support Asynchronous DSM lock/unlock
  2012-08-15 Use DSM->Open/Close (stack) methods instead of H5Fxxxx calls
  2012-08-13 Update to support Asynchronous branch of DSM
  2012-07-02 Time fixes for H5PartDsm reader after recent fixes to supress multi
  2012-07-02 Upgrade netCDF example template with new xml format
  2012-06-11 Consolidate netCDF improvments with older Xdmf and H5Part
  2012-06-10 Support netCDF. Many changes to improve pipeline updates/time.

Jerome Soumagne (11):
  2012-09-14 Fix pv-meshless include when ICARUS_USE_H5PART is ON
  2012-09-14 clean up
  2012-09-14 Update XdmfGenerator submodule ref
  2012-09-14 Fix steering parser memory leaks
  2012-08-13 Remove SendDSMXML and use Set/GetXdmfDescription instead
  2012-05-24 Add DisplayPieceBoxes and IgnorePartitionBoxes
  2012-05-24 Fix open during H5PartDsmReader ProcessRequest
  2012-05-18 A couple of WIN32 fixes
  2012-05-14 H5PartDsmReader property name changes
  2012-05-14 Revert "Enable Partition Box export by default"
  2012-05-14 Replace pthreads by vtkMultiThreader