File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.9.9

Release Notes

- Improve lock mechanism with new API for lock/unlock
- Fix several locking/thread issues
- Fix compiling issues with hdf5-vfd-1.8.9

Change Log

Jerome Soumagne (38):
  2012-09-14 H5FDdsm 0.9.9
  2012-09-14 Clean up Fortran bindings and remove unnecessary flags
  2012-09-12 Use H5FD_DSM_SERVER_ACK_TAG and H5FD_DSM_CLIENT_ACK_TAG for acks
  2012-09-07 Remove GetIsActive method and only use WaitForUnlock
  2012-09-03 Fix RMA allocation with NULL pointer and nonzero length
  2012-08-31 Mark H5FD_DSM_UNLOCK_ON_CLOSE and H5FD_DSM_UNLOCK_MANUAL as deprecated
  2012-08-23 Re-enable DMAPP communication after previous communicator changes
  2012-08-30 Fix undefined reference to particleWriteDsm
  2012-07-16 Add pthread mutex trylock
  2012-07-16 More communicator clean up - Add MpiXXX wrappers in H5FDdsmComm
  2012-07-15 Add H5FD_DSM_ANY_TAG - Clean up H5FDdsmComm - Add WinCreateXXX/PutXXX/GetXXX with XXX = {Data,Notification,Lock} -
             Clean up Barrier and Broadcast - Clean up ProbeCommandHeader and add BroadcastComm in H5FDdsmBuffer - Tidy up debug
  2012-07-13 Fix DSM accesses using RMA after disconnection
  2012-07-13 Start adding lock class and rework comms
  2012-07-13 Start adding debug levels - Clean up communicators
  2012-07-11 Remove SendInfo/Ready from H5FDdsmComm classes - Remove mask redistribution type - Clean up
  2012-07-11 Update kwsys and fix server not reporting errors
  2012-07-10 Add probe for sockets and rework/clean up lock
  2012-07-10 Start adding probe and remove remote service thread - more lock rework (not finished)
  2012-07-10 More rework to buffer locking
  2012-07-10 Rework file lock/unlock - Clean up buffer service class
  2012-07-09 Remove ifdef STEERING in bufferservice - remove recv/send xml clean up comms and no longer use CommChannel - Rework
             lock (not finished) Add sendacknowledgment methods - Clean up H5FDdsmBuffer
  2012-07-09 Edits to H5FD_dsm_steering_update description
  2012-07-09 Fixes for fortran test
  2012-05-29 A couple of undefined attributes
  2012-05-28 GCC 4.7 fixes
  2012-05-23 Revert NUM_DATASET value from last commit
  2012-05-23 Add non blocking dmapp get
  2012-05-18 Fix thread return type
  2012-05-18 Rename StartService to StartBufferService - Fixes for WIN32
  2012-05-18 Add H5FDdsmThread/Mutex/Condition classes - Clean up BufferService
  2012-05-15 COMP: HDF5 1.8.9 compatability updates
  2012-05-15 clean up error macros
  2012-05-10 Clean up some functions
  2012-04-30 Move block sizes to testing
  2012-04-30 Add parallel read test benchmark - Clean up tests
  2012-04-30 Move RMA sync before barrier
  2012-04-28 Move StartService to publish, add wait for service created condition Add IsStandAlone optioni, clean up warnings
  2012-04-26 Tidy up block sizes

John Biddiscombe (12):
  2012-08-28 Adding an Asynchronous flag to the dsm manager
  2012-08-15 Fix error message when writing steering value twice
  2012-05-04 Make sure default mode is reset to parallel after file is closed
  2012-05-01 Clean up Open/Close DSM and use a stack to track open close pairs
  2012-08-15 Fixup fortran bindings for new async lock/unlock version
  2012-07-18 Notification is sent when DSM is unlocked.
  2012-07-16 Add windows mpich2 close errors to "not error" list
  2012-07-12 Add TryLock to mutex
  2012-07-13 Set DebugLevel on address Mapper, default to 0 for all others
  2012-05-24 First Asynchronous test - does a double open on the receiver
  2012-04-26 Add methods to access cached file handles.
  2012-04-25 Set DSM manager to NULL on exit (and remove NULL check in set_dsm_manager)