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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Joachim Stadel Contact Joachim Stadel Admin
Feature Requests 6 Better support of classes in special features for particles, eg, nGrowMass and nPartColl. 77 Months Ago 77 Months Ago
Task 113 RungWalk algorithm for doing stuff to particles in a rung range. 77 Months Ago 80% done
Task 105 OpenMP coded walk2 algorithm - non MPI functional version. 78 Months Ago 25% done
Task 104 SIMD version of CC loop in walk2.c. 78 Months Ago 40% done
Task 114 Non-recursive KDK timestepping loop in msr. KickByRung... 77 Months Ago 20% done
Task 111 Add code for time derivative of the cell bounds. 77 Months Ago 0% done
Task 110 Calculation of momAddDotFmomr and momShiftDotFmomr. 78 Months Ago 50% done
Task 109 Implement tree repair algorithm. 78 Months Ago 0% done
Task 106 Speed up Ewald by using local expansions. 76 Months Ago 0% done
Task 107 Fix BoundWalk code in smooth.c to use CL (checklist). SPH only. 75 Months Ago 0% done
Task 112 Reorder PP and PC loops so that all actives are done per tile. 76 Months Ago 0% done

Doug Potter Contact Doug Potter Admin
Feature Requests 3 Provide automatic checkpoint restarts 78 Months Ago 78 Months Ago
Bugs 14 Group finding failes without densities 72 Months Ago 72 Months Ago
Bugs 4 Support use of +restart again. 78 Months Ago 78 Months Ago
Task 108 Change kdNode so it uses individual particle indecies in buckets. 78 Months Ago 40% done

Jonathan Coles Contact Jonathan Coles Developer

Derek Richardson Contact Derek Richardson Developer